Target Plus Marketplace is one of the top-tier eCommerce marketplaces, along with Amazon Marketplace and Walmart Marketplace, that cater to third party retailers. Target, one of the biggest retail chains in the United States, entered the eCommerce marketing realm in February 2019 and expanded its product assortment by allowing third party retailers to sell on Target.com.

Unlike Amazon and Walmart Marketplace, however, Target Marketplace is an invitation-only platform. This means that, at the moment, Target+ only offers exclusive partnerships with a select third-party retailer. Target Plus’ goal is to provide its loyal customers with easy access to a broader array of curated products and general merchandise, such as food, furniture, apparel, and household essentials, by partnering with best-in-class specialty and national brands.

In its initial year, Target+ had 30 partners online Target sellers and 60,000 products. A year after its launch, Target Marketplace has quickly grown to 109 Target partners online and 165,000 products on the online marketplace platform. Currently, Target Plus ranks eighth in the retail eCommerce sales share, but it’s still in its infancy. With more than 5 million Target+ active shoppers and counting, there’s no doubt Target Plus will pick up steam in the near future.

Take Advantage of Target Seller Marketplace And Boost Your Brand Recognition

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Our Target eCommerce experts also offer Marketing Strategy Development services to help you devise the right strategy to establish your digital presence on other online marketplace platforms and get accepted as a partner online Target merchant. Get in touch with our Target Plus SEO agency to learn more about our Target Plus services.

How To Sell on Target Plus

Target Seller Marketplace takes a cautious approach to growing its Target listings through its invitation-only process. With more than 100 million active guests, Target carefully chooses its Target partners online to ensure customers get high-quality product assortments and convenient experiences.

To date, there are more than 100 partner online Target sellers, including established, reputable brands, such as Mizuno USA, Serenity Health & Home Decor, Music 123, and Kaplan Early Learning Company. Target plans to add more to its partner online Target listings over time as it optimizes its product categories.

How To Sell on Target Marketplace

To become a Marketplace Target seller, you must get your Target partner online invitation approved. Once you have a valid Target Seller Marketplace account, you can access the Whitelisting Rules and Approval Settings set by Target to determine which item types you can include in the Target product listings.

Selected brands must meet the following requirements to sell on Target Marketplace:
  • All Target partners online must have a business and bank presence in the U.S.
  • Ensure the price of brand offerings on the Target product listings are at par with other sales channels.
  • Convert images into JPG format and RGB mode and keep minimum image dimensions to 1200 x 1200px and maximum dimensions to 2400 x 2400px.
  • Ensure images don’t have promotional language, watermarks or graphic content.
  • Ensure all products on the Target listings have Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN) or Universal Product Codes (UPCs).
  • Ship orders within 24 hours and maintain a transit time of no longer than five days.

Keep in mind that Target Marketplace does not support Cross Border Trade Services. This means shipping is supported in the U.S. only. Additionally, Target partner online sellers can create their own storefront, but marketplace Target maintains control over customer experience.

How Much Is the Commission Rate When You Sell on Target.com?

Target partner, online sellers must pay a 5-15 percent commission rate or referral fee to sell on Target Marketplace. This commission rate is almost similar to Amazon Vendor Central percentages and, in some cases, lower than other online marketplace platforms.

Target eCommerce store has a Referral Fees section where those who sell on Target.com can view if they have special referral fee settings. By default, the commission rate of a third-party retailer is based on the subtype base referral fees.

Jumpstart Your Target Plus Marketplace Management Today

Still on the fence about how to sell on Target Marketplace? Our Target Plus online marketing team is here to help you. Besides Target Plus SEO solutions, we also provide guidelines for how to sell on Target Marketplace and boost your Target Plus optimization process to guarantee revenue growth.

Reach out to one of our Target Plus digital marketing experts and let’s discuss your custom Target Plus listing optimization and other Target Marketplace services suited for your brand.

Why Sell on Target Marketplace?

Target is one of the largest and most popular retail brands in the U.S. and boasts a well-built, specially curated selection of products at reasonable prices. It constantly rotates its merchandise to lock in more customers and keep them returning to the store. For these reasons, consumers of all ages prefer to shop on Target.

With Target+ promoting a more convenient shopping experience, the customer reach of Target Marketplace also broadens. From families and entrepreneurs to young professionals, you can expand your market to this vast customer base when you sell on Target.

Here are more reasons getting invited to sell on Target is good for your business:

  • Access to loyal Target shoppers
  • Ability to conceptualize the best product assortment strategy for mutual growth
  • Limited competition
  • Integrated partners online Target listings
  • Enhanced digital capabilities to reach out to customers
  • Secure market share
  • Extensive application process to reduce seller issues

Target Marketplace leverages its stores to fulfill online orders from Target+ and keep up with customer demands for fast and convenient shopping. Target also plans to open sorting centers that will handle and deliver merchandise from partners online Target sellers. The ultimate goal of Target Plus is to reduce the burden of fulfilling online orders for its Target partners online.

Maximize the opportunity to sell on Target. Partner with our Target Plus marketing company and get custom Target Plus Marketplace services tailored to your needs and goals.

Target Marketplace Services

Establish Your Reputation as a Trusted Brand

Target Marketplace SEO

Boost your Target eCommerce sales with Parami’s Target Plus SEO services. Our Target Marketplace SEO experts perform extensive keyword research and product search volume analysis to optimize your Target listings and increase organic visits to your Target+ storefront. We develop data-driven Target Marketplace SEO strategies, ensure your product attributes are complete and select the right product images to drive more clicks, conversions and positive reviews.

Target Plus Content Writing

Content marketing is a big part of Target Plus Marketplace optimization. At Parami, we define your Target Plus optimization goals and leverage your existing customer data to create product descriptions and a content feed that reflects your unique branding and resonates with your target audience segments. Our Target Plus marketing team follows Target+ best practices in creating product descriptions to ensure you adhere to Target and Google guidelines.

Category and Subcategory Targeting

Optimize your Target product listings and show up on relevant search results. Our Target Plus online marketing experts perform in-depth research to provide you with appropriate category and subcategory suggestions for your Target listings. With Target Plus optimization, we don’t just help you categorize your products properly – we also enable your target customers to easily find the products they need.

Shipping Guidelines Best Practices

It can be difficult to choose the best shipping carrier and follow Target Plus’ shipping guidelines if you don’t know the basic shipping standards. Our dedicated team of Target Plus marketing experts creates a Target+ shipping best practices guide, which includes shipping volumes, rates and methods, to streamline your Target Plus Marketplace management.

Target Plus Listing Optimization

Our Target Plus services include duplicate product analysis and listing reclamation to allow a third party retailer to optimize its presence on Marketplace Target and grow its market share. We audit your product listings, perform market research and handle your ongoing Target Plus Marketplace management and optimization.

Competitor Benchmarking

Evaluate your current Target Marketplace optimization strategy and determine which methods deliver the best results for your business. Our Target Plus digital marketing specialists conduct product and price point analysis regularly to identify your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) and gain actionable insights on how to better sell on Target.com.

Why Choose Parami for Your Target Plus Marketplace Management

Get Sustainable eCommerce Marketing Solutions

Target Plus Monthly Management

Our job doesn’t stop once your Target Marketplace storefront is set up and optimized. Parami’s Target Marketplace services include monthly campaign management to ensure your Target listings generate profitable results for your company. We perform a regular Target product listings audit and provide you with results-driven recommendations for how to effectively sell on Target.

Integrated Target Plus Digital Marketing Solutions

Need help with other aspects of your Target Plus Marketplace optimization? From social media marketing and SEO to pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, our Target Plus online marketing agency has got you covered. We can also create a custom web design for your eCommerce business to help expand your reach to international locations.

Client Dashboard Setup and In-Depth Reporting

We set up your dashboard to make it easy for you to monitor your Target+ metrics, such as click-through rates (CTRs), traffic and conversions. Our Target Marketplace optimization team also handles your campaign monitoring and presents the results to your in-house representatives during our scheduled consultations. This way, you can focus on your core operations while we handle the technical aspects of your Target Plus listing optimization.

Target Marketplace SEO Experts

Parami comprises a team of experienced Target eCommerce experts knowledgeable in all facets of Target Marketplace optimization and other eCommerce SEO solutions. Our eCommerce marketing specialists stay abreast of the latest industry developments to ensure our strategies deliver profitable results. With us, you get Target Plus services backed by research and data.

In-House Media Specialists

Don’t have the time to manage your product shoots for your Target Plus Marketplace storefront? Our team of media specialists and eCommerce web design experts can take care of your product photography. We use best-in-class cameras and photo editing tools to ensure your products are well-lit and follow Target Plus product photography specifications.

Custom eCommerce Marketplace Solutions

Planning to sell your products on other online marketplace platforms? Besides our Target Plus Marketplace services, we also offer Amazon SEO, Amazon PPC and Amazon marketing services. Our eCommerce agency continues to expand its service offerings to provide you with custom marketing solutions that drum up new business.

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